About Bubba's Kush

Bubba’s Kush is a small batch cultivator focused on providing a clean, consistent, quality product.

We are grower owned and operated and thrive on our passion for the cannabis plant. Our grow practices and facilities are built from years of cultivation experience and the pursuit of quality over everything.


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Quality Products

We are proud to put our name behind every product we produce. Our indoor facility was constructed by our founder from the ground up utilizing over a decade of knowledge and experience in cannabis and commercial cultivation. Our food-grade, state-of-the-art indoor facility produces premium flower, ensuring an environment that is completely under our control. Our recent water hash line, Bubba’s Bubble, embodies our pursuit of the finest quality products. Most importantly we greatly appreciate our loyal following and customers. YOU have brought us to this point.

Our Team

Every employee at Bubba’s Kush believes in our pursuit as a company to provide the best product available on the market. In our first 6 months of sales our brand has become one of the top selling brands at some of the most notable dispensaries in the country.

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As the CEO and Director of Cultivation at Bubba’s Kush, Chris combines his passion for cannabis with a deep knowledge of plant science and genetics. His vision and leadership drive the company’s success, while his strategic oversight of the cultivation process ensures top-notch quality. Under Chris’s guidance, Bubba’s Kush has become one of the top-selling brands in notable dispensaries across Colorado.

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Dean plays a pivotal role at Bubba’s Kush, ensuring the company adheres to all legal and regulatory standards. His detailed focus and comprehensive understanding of cannabis legislation are instrumental in maintaining compliance and consumer safety. Beyond his compliance duties, Dean meticulously supervises the water-hash extraction and production process, guaranteeing that each batch meets the most stringent quality standards for our six-star full melt water hash. His unwavering commitment to excellence is a cornerstone in upholding the reputation and trust that Bubba’s Kush has cultivated among its loyal customers.

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Lise is the organizational backbone of Bubba’s Kush. Her exceptional administrative skills keep our operations running smoothly, and her friendly demeanor makes her the go-to person for both our team and our clients. Lise’s support is instrumental in the continued success of Bubba’s Kush, contributing to its reputation as a top-quality brand.

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Trevor oversees the cultivation process at Bubba’s Kush, from clone to harvest. His dedication to the company’s philosophy of quality over everything ensures that each crop is nurtured with care and precision, resulting in consistently healthy and vibrant plants. Trevor’s expertise is a vital component of Bubba’s Kush’s commitment to providing a clean, consistent, and quality product.

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Ashley spearheads the harvest and trim team at Bubba’s Kush with meticulous attention to detail and a gentle touch. Her proficiency in delicately shaping cannabis flowers guarantees that every batch is expertly trimmed, preserving optimal quality for our patrons. Ashley personifies Bubba’s Kush’s dedication to delivering a product that is clean, uniform, and of the highest caliber.




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